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Comfort in the Sky

Most airlines these days allow you to select the seat for your flight online. Check your airline's website for further details.

Before choosing which airline to fly with, you might like to check out Seatguru, a decent site that provides detailed seat map graphics & specifics such as the amount of legroom available! It also lets you view whether power is available for laptops on board.

For the frequent flyer, you may consider signing up for a frequent flyer program if you haven't already done so. Some of the major programs include QFF, Asia Miles, Skywards etc. The amount of points required for redeeming a flight differs with each program and so it may be worth your while doing a bit of research to see which offers the most value. There will be a section on this website which will give such comparisons in the near future.

You may also consider investing in Noise-Cancelling Headphones, especially if your flights are fairly long. The Bose QuietComfort ranges have been at the top of the market for some time though they are quite pricey. I personally prefer the Audio-Technica.

Broadband on the Go

Three have done well in bringing in Mobile Broadband to the Australian market. You can access high speed internet from your Laptop on the Go around major cities in Australia. Visit their website for more details. Other players you can google include Unwired & Telstra. If you spend a fair bit of time overseas as well, you can find out about wireless internet services offered at the country of your destination.

Faxes Online

If you need to send &/or receive faxes on the go, doing this online could be an ideal solution. Faxes can be sent & received by email. You can find out more about these services from a commercial provider, Mbox. You pay a flat monthly fee for receiving faxes ("MessageIn") & you can buy credits to use for sending faxes ("MessageOut") which are charged at roughly $0.18/page (differs for international faxes).

Laptop Guide

Before purchasing any laptop, I like to consult expert reviews & user opinions. A useful website that allows this is Cnet. If you're willing to do a bit of research on your own into laptops, you may like to start with this guide offered by Cnet. Otherwise, Cnet offers a "Top 10" list with detailed reviews. Many companies have chosen to use IBM notebooks (now Lenovo) because of their reliability.

You can get detailed information on Laptop Powering Ports for laptop usage on board a plane.


The APEC Business Travel Card allows access for accredited business people to obtain multiple short-term business visitor entry to participating economies without having to apply for individual visas or entry permits. There are also special 'APEC lanes' at major international airports which fast-track immigration processing on arrival and departure. There are 17 APEC economies currently participating in the APEC Business Travel Card scheme:

* Australia
* Brunei Darussalam
* Chile
* Hong Kong (China)
* Indonesia
* Japan
* Republic of Korea
* New Zealand
* Papua New Guinea
* People's Republic of China
* The Philippines
* Malaysia
* Peru
* Singapore
* Chinese Taipei
* Thailand
* Vietnam

Find out how to apply.


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