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Studying Medicine in Australia

Australia uses a six-year program where high school students who want to become physicians are directly admitted into a combined undergraduate/graduate program (this is also the case right now for law students - 5 yrs is the norm).

“All of the Australian graduate-entry programs have related admission requirements. Applicants need a Bachelors degree. There are no specific pre-requisite topics (premedical or other) and the degree may be in any area. Indeed the programs are seeking students with varied backgrounds and experience. Although this varies between Schools and assessment systems, a B or 75% average or a GPA above 3 on a 4-point scale could be competitive in combination with good test scores.

Recent results from an admissions test – either the US test MCAT or the Australian test, GAMSAT – are required for an application. Required scores probably range from a minimum of 8s on MCAT or an overall 58 on GAMSAT (but check with individual Schools). All Schools interview international applicants but use different approaches. In many cases, interviews are conducted in the applicant’s region so that
overseas travel is not required.

Application deadlines vary from June to mid-August and some Schools will consider applications with August MCAT scores to be submitted when available. There is a national admissions process and the website for the National Admissions Centre gives information about all of the
graduate-entry programs, admission processes and also about the Australian admissions test, GAMSAT. Visit and click on Graduate Medical Admissions Centre. Some Schools, including Flinders, prefer direct applications to allow for earlier admissions

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