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Skills Shortage

Information on Australian Industries
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Skills Shortages in Australia


Skills shortage can arise for many different reasons. In any case, the reason is always related in one way or another to change. Examples include the introduction of new technology, changes in technology due to industry changes, changes in candidates attitudes where they decide one industry is more favourable and the less-favoured industry may lose workers as a result.


There are skills shortages in many industries across Australia. You can find out more at

You can download details of most the professions in demand on this PDF document (404 KB).


In NSW, generally Accountants, Engineers, Nurses, Health Professionals, Secondary Teachers (especially Maths, Science, Chemistry & Physics), Electricians and IT Specialists are in demand. For more details, consult the PDF document referred to above or a career advisor. Your career advisor will also be able to inform you as to the requirements to enter any of these professions. A good site to go through to get a general idea of what any of the profession is like and what it requires is Another excellent site is


If you intend to migrate to Australia, the following website lists occupations in demand for migration purposes. It's the immigration website so you can get more information there on how to obtain a work visa. Generally, people that are under 45, can speak some English, has post-secondary education & has a skill that's in demand (list here), would qualify for General Skilled Migration.

You can also learn about applying for a student visa on the website. Generally, overseas students wanting to stay here permanently needs to have finished their degree in Australia before getting their PR. More information for students on

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