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Investment Banking

A Guide to Australian Summer Programs
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Investment Banking Programs

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This section is dedicated to university students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate. Deciding what career you want to pursue can be a tough choice. That's why working 8-10 weeks at the largest investment banks worldwide can help you decide for yourself! It's a way for both yourself to gauge the workplace & for them to size you up as well. Beware though that it's not by any means for the light hearted. It's still very competitive to even get in to the summer programs. The good thing is that it's slightly easier than getting into the graduate programs & if you prove yourself, you'll potentially get offered a job. At the very least, with this experience, you'll have a much better chance in getting a graduate job in this field. People that do get into this field ordinarily have a very good mathematical, quantative ability. So if numbers is not your thing, you can forget about it now. You must also have a very keen interest in the financial field. Academic record at university will be looked at very closely. Other things looked at will include motivation, analytical skills, communication, interpretative skills, team skills, creativity, entrepreneurial skills, discipline, ethics etc.

Summer Investment Bank Programs

The following lists all the major Investment Bank (Investment Management, Investment Fund) programs for undergraduates during the Summer break. Generally, entry is quite competitive as mentioned and high academic results are necessary in most cases.

ANZ Bank

The ANZ Investment Bank Summer Internship Program is competitive and quite rigorous. The application process includes a variety of tests including a psychometric test. The program lasts 10 weeks. You can download the job description here and the flyer.

Applications close 30 July.

Deutsche Bank

This is an 8 week program that allows for students studying in Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business, Combined Law, Finance etc. The orientation is conducted in Sydney. Download the flyer here (NB: the file is 4.73MB).

Applications close 28 July.

Macquarie Bank

Entry into the Macquarie program is highly competitive. Apply here.

Applications close 28 July.


A 10-week program with positions in Corporate and Investment Banking, Finance, Compliance, Transaction Banking , Equities, Fixed Income, Equity Research, Finance, and Human Resources. Penultimate students only. Apply here.

Applications close 28 July.


CreditSuisse are looking for students in their penultimate year of studies or entering an honours program and are majoring in either Economics, Commerce, Finance, Law and "have a strong interest in building a career in Asia or Australia". Download the document here.

Applications close 28 July.


The program here lasts 10-14 weeks. They are looking for candidates that will enter the workforce in early 2008 or before and that have "at least a high credit average in a business or finance related discipline". Applications are done by email.

Applications close 28 July.


10 week program. Apply here.

Applications close 28 July.


Merrill Lynch

Investment Banking Summer Analyst Program
a 10- to 12-week opportunity for penultimate year students

Program highlights

* orientation including business overview
* online product training
* information sharing sessions led by business managers
* product presentations by other business groups
* social events with summer interns and colleagues from other business groups
* the opportunity to network and learn about full-time opportunities for college graduates
* the possibility of travel within the Asia Pacific region depending on business needs


* based on your interests and business needs
* in a corporate finance pool aligned with an industry or product group
industry groups: financial institutions; telecommunications, media and technology; general industries; and real estate
product groups: corporate finance; mergers and acquisitions; and capital markets and financing
* in an office in the Asia Pacific Region


* assist a team of senior bankers
* conduct industry research
* create industry overviews
* develop complex financial valuation models
* prepare pitch books and presentations
* work on live transactions with clients

The application process for 2006 full-time and summer analyst positions in the Asia Pacific region has ended as of December 21, 2005.

The application process has also ended for MBA degree students interested in associate and summer associate positions in the Asia Pacific region. All other applicants who wish to apply for positions in the Asia Pacific region should visit the Experienced & Entry Positions section of this website for current openings.

Morgan Stanley

PDF - Summer brochure


Australia Openings

Goldman Sachs


Applications close 28 July.










Rank Company Assets under management
(US$million) Country
1. Barclays Global Investors 1,400,491 UK
2. State Street Global Advisors 1,367,269 US
3. Fidelity Investments 1,299,400 US
4. Capital Group Companies 1,050,435 US
5. The Vanguard Group 852,000 US
6. Allianz Global Investors 790,513 Germany
7. JPMorgan Asset Management 782,646 US
8. Mellon Financial Corporation 738,294 US
9. Deutsche Asset Management 723,366 Germany
10. Northern Trust Global Investments 589,800 US

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