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Teach English Abroad

Teaching English In China

Firstly, let me just point out that, since I taught in Shanghai, there's more bias towards teaching positions that are available in Shanghai. However, all the resources below will nevertheless assist you regardless of where in China you intend to teach.

Generally, university graduates with a 3 year degree or higher from Australia, the UK, USA or Canada are preferred. You might find some schools will have a preference for those from the USA &/or UK.

Additionally, having something like CELTA might help and some experience may help too.

The above mentioned are essential if you teach at a government school. This is relaxed in private schools which there are plenty of in Shanghai.

However, if you don't have any of the above qualifications &/or experience, you mightn't have trouble finding a job, especially if you're a native English speaker.

I found a job as a university undergraduate in Shanghai that paid 150/hr. The bigger schools (EF & TopEnglish/Elitebaby - which is the school I worked for) are found all over China.

You may be asked to sign a 1 year (or 6 month with some) contract. Contracts will allow you benefits including paid leave during the Chinese holidays & you'd most likely be reimbursed for the cost of your flight ticket.

The money you earn as a teacher will generally be more than enough to get you by in China if you're employed full time & live a reasonable lifestyle. Many schools also offer free accomodation or additional allowance for accomodation.

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