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Improve your Search Engine Rank

11 Ways to Make Good Friends with Search Engines

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1. Try to stay away from Flash Sites and other similar sorts of multimedia elements.

Search engines cannot ordinarily index flash sites. Thus, any keywords in your flash wouldn't appear for people searching. If you are going to use flash, have an option for normal html and include all the text there as well.

2. Choose your Domain Name Wisely

It can help your search results if you try to make your domain name as closely related to your site as possible. The best domain name would be one that acts as your best keyword.

3. Avoid having special characters in your URL

A lot of search engines have problem indexing sites with special characters. The following characters are known to have caused some trouble:

-equal sign (=)

-dollar sign ($)

-percentage sign (%)

-question mark (?)

4. Avoid frames

Try not to use frames if you can. As google says, they mightn't be included in search results properly because "frames don't fit the conceptual model of the web (every page corresponds to a single URL)" -Google. If you look at it from the search engine's perspective, they might have trouble getting through the frames to the web pages. In the case that it does get through, it will only index individual pages, not the whole set. It doesn't help your pagerank either.

5. Avoid "Welcome..." pages

Not only can these be annoying for those browsing your site, it doesn't bode well with search engines either because it might not follow your link to your "main" site. Pages that automatically redirect you to another page could be seen as being "moved". As such, it may ignore the redirect page.

6. Fast & Reliable Server

Make sure that your site is hosted with a fast & reliable server. This makes sure that your site is always available for indexing and allows for a much more positive experience for the web surfer.

You can check your speed among other things here:

This is a nice site worth bookmarking. It acts as an engine spider and marks your site based on a number of factors.

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